Violent sex offender from Canada pleads guilty in Seattle

SEATTLE - The violent sex offender who was arrested after fleeing from Canada to Seattle last year has pleaded guilty to harassment and resisting arrest. But he could face more charges after an investigation by King County officials.

Michael Sean Stanley, 48, who has a history of offenses against women and children, made headlines in October when he ditched his electronic-monitoring bracelet and crossed into the United States at Blaine. He was found days later in downtown Seattle.

Canadian officials decided not to seek extradition at the time, and he was arrested in Seattle after a disturbance and an alleged sexual assault on a teenage boy.

Stanley faces a year in jail for the harassment charge and 90 days for resisting arrest in connection with the disturbance. The sentence for resisting arrest is suspended if Stanley meets terms of his probation. With credit for time already served and time off for good behavior, he could be released in two months.

But he could eventually face more charges, depending on the results of an investigation by the King County Prosecutor's Office into the alleged assault on a 16-year-old boy who says Stanley attacked him after supplying him with alcohol. Prosecutors are still awaiting forensic test results in that case.

Meanwhile, Stanley told a King County Superior Court judge that he decided to plead guilty to harassment and resisting arrest as a way of taking responsibility for his actions.

"I've got to be responsible for my actions, that's why I'm agreeing to the recommendation," he told the court.

Stanley eluded Canadian authorities in October 2013 when he cut off his electronic-monitoring bracelet near the Alberta-Saskatchewan boundary after serving a 32-month prison term for assault and forcible confinement. He somehow got across the U.S. border at Blaine even though the Border Patrol had been warned he might be headed for Washington state.

After his arrival in Seattle, Stanley registered as a sex offender but was not arrested since he had committed no crimes in the United States.

But within days he was taken into custody after causing a scene in West Seattle. Witnesses said he was drunk and yelling threats, and a 16-year-old boy told police he was sexually assaulted by Stanley.

After he is released from jail, he must meet a number of conditions - provide a DNA sample, obey written anti-harassment orders, not violate criminal law, have no alcohol or drug offenses, abstain from marijuana, undergo chemical dependency treatment, possess no weapons and update the court on his current address.