Vigil marks murder victim's 21st birthday

The family of young murder victim Lonnie Lynn Reynolds has a message for her killer. They gathered at the Renton park where she was shot to death to mark what would have been her 21st birthday with a candlelight vigil.

The candles should have been on top of a 21st birthday cake. Instead they're held in honor of the memory of Lonnie.

Six months ago she was caught in the crossfire in a gun battle between two men who'd gathered to watch a fight between two girls at Liberty Park.

Her family chose this occasion to keep Lonnie's memory alive. And to keep the case alive.

Lonnie's mother Flaime Reynolds, "Truth surfaces in amazing ways and God is definitely going to come and make things open up."

Renton police say Jerome CJ Hopkins is one of the suspected gunmen. But the 30-year-old is on the run.

Lonnie's family believes he's most likely out of state, perhaps as far away as Mississippi.

Lonnie's father Kebin Fears message to Hopkins, "Don't run all your life. Step forward. Let's have some resolution."

Lonnie's aunt Tracy was more to the point. "I know who you are. And we know who you are. You need to quit being a coward. You took this girl's life. She had a whole life to live."

Lonnie had just retuned to the area after spending some time in Texas. Her family said she planned to work in the beauty business when she was cut down.

They say they have every believe that the killer will be caught. Grandmother Rose Fears, "Maybe if society don't catch him, God will catch him. He'll be taken care of."

Tonight they hold each other. They hold onto the hope that justice will be served and hold Lonnie in their thoughts and prayers...