Viewers to Ken: No more restrictions on gun sales

Earlier this week authorities said they had traced the gun used by Joshua Blake to kill Trooper Tony Radulescu.

They believe the weapon was either passed down to Blake by his father, or privately purchased at a Monroe gun show.

That led to my commentary on requiring background checks for those who buy guns from private parties.

Jim Ewins writes: "It is a short step from requiring all (gun sales) subject to a background check to government having a list of gun owners - and then comes the repression (like what they have) in England."

Adam Sukert: "I find your (commentary) offensive...Why would you blame the tool for something that a person did...If a criminal wants to commit a crime he's going to do it no matter what..."

Steve Nolen: "It's not the guns, but the people."

Paul Morris: "(Government) needs to stay very clear of the private, law abiding citizens who own firearms...Get the facts...Stop relying on your sacred gun banner buddies."

And finally, from Michael Meisner: "...More government in your life that is keeping track of your personal property does not...Keep guns out of the hands of criminals who are already breaking the law by having a firearm in the first place."

Maybe that's true, Michael, but the law doesn't have to make it so darn easy from those criminals to get a gun.

Thanks for writing everyone.

Have a great weekend.


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