Video postcards from two local Memorial Day Services

Monday morning at a Memorial Day service in Magnolia's Fort Lawton, Staff Sergeant Ian Bamman told an emotional story of the loss of his Platoon leader 1st Lieutenant William Edens in the town of Talifar, Iraq.

Heading out on patrol, Bamman asked his Lieutenant if he should take the patrol, Edens replied "Don't worry Sergeant, I've got this one", so Bamman stayed behind. The patrol was hit by an I.E.D. and 4 soldiers, including 1st Lieutenant Edens, were killed.

The service also included a cub scout flag ceremony, bagpipes, and prayers.

At an afternoon service at Evergreen Washelli cemetery in Seattle, Army Brigadier General John M. Cho spoke to a crowd of hundreds. He spoke about the importance of gathering together to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Video by KOMO Photographer Katie Johnson