'Very young' student caught with gun at Kent elementary school

KENT, Wash. -- A young student at Soos Creek Elementary in Kent was pulling his jacket out of his backpack Tuesday afternoon when a gun fell out and hit the floor, according to the Kent School District.

Two other students thought the firearm was a squirt gun, picked it up and carried it over to the teacher, who immediately recognized it as a real gun and cleared the room.

Luckily for everyone, the gun was not loaded, District spokesperson Chris Loftis said.

Loftis said the student, who he described as a very young child, did not bring the gun to school with the intent to harm anyone; it was just something cool he found at home.

While the Kent Police Department is continuing to investigate the incident, the District is working on a response that is sensitive to the student's young age, Loftis said.

"The safety of our students is our top priority," according to a District statement. "Soos Creek Elementary staff members are commended for their quick and professional actions to make sure all students were safe."