UW students say new campus lighting would improve safety

SEATTLE -- The same simple walk across campus during the day becomes something more when the sun goes down.

"I don't really like being on campus after it's dark," said business major Louisa Meng.

She was walking with senior Zac Millan near the law school as a faint orange glow touched their faces.

"Campus can be a little sketch sometimes. There are some areas that I'm like, I could walk through there, but I'll probably go around," Millan said.

The students say the historic but sometimes antiquated lighting system needs help.

"Even if I'm walking at 6:00 to go study at the library, I know I'm going to have to walk back when it's later at like, 11, 12, and that's really what I don't want to be doing," Meng said.

Enter Bruce Adsero's plan.

"We want to get some LED lighting on campus," Adsero said.

Adsero is a member of the student government at UW and is part of a group championing a change.

A resolution would ask the university to switch over lighting from the old sodium lights to the new system being installed across the city of Seattle.

"Right now, a lot of them are broken. They don't really work that well," Adsero said.

Adsero and the student government don't know the costs yet, but the idea already has support with school police.

"It just decreases the possibility for people to become victims," said deputy chief of UW police Randy West.

UW 's student government plans to vote on the resolution March 5th.