UW police to increase patrols in wake of increased violence

SEATTLE -- Increased violence around the University of Washington has students on edge and now campus police are trying to calm nerves by adding more officers on patrol.

An additional 3-5 officers will patrol in Greek Row and in west campus, but ultimately it will depend on how busy the areas are and where there's a need for more police.

At this point, police say the crimes are random and there's no pattern -- some have included robberies where victims lost backpacks or cell phones. Police hope the additional officers will increase visibility and help deter crime.

"Anytime you have a community that has expressed some concerns about a number of incidents that have occurred recently you want to respond to needs of community," said Cmdr. Steve Rittereiser with University of Washington police. "And certainly we feel we're doing that that by adding patrol officers. We're certainly going to be highly visible."

Police want to remind students to be more aware of their surroundings, travel in well-lit areas, don't walk with earphones in, and register bikes and electronics on campus.