Two Seattle residents charged with assaulting an officer

SEATTLE -- Two Seattle residents with long rap sheets are accused of viciously beating a Renton police officer during a weekend road rage incident.

Officer Randy Jensen was off duty and driving his personal vehicle with his wife and young daughter early Saturday afternoon when he saw a near collision on SR-167 at South Grady Way in Renton.

Jensen said a white Mercedes nearly hit a Toyota Corolla and then stopped in the middle of the road, blocking traffic from moving east onto Grady Way, according to court documents.

The driver of the Mercedes, later identified as 33-year-old Tony Lee Combs, and his passenger, 31-year-old Nancy Walton Drahold, first flipped off the driver in the Corolla, and then got out of the car. Jensen told investigators he was unsure what the pair was doing, so he got out of his car and identified himself as a police officer.

Even after showing them his badge, Jensen said Combs and Drahold attacked him. He said Combs punched him and Drahold scratched his face. He was then knocked to the ground and punched in the body and face, according to court documents.

While on the ground, Jensen said Combs put him in a choke hold and only let go when Jensen elbowed him.

Combs and Drahold then drove off in the Mercedes, but were arrested a short time later.

During an interview with police, Combs allegedly acknowledged the assault, but said Jensen instigated it and didn't identify himself as a police officer until after the fight was over.

Detectives spoke with 12 witnesses, and each one said Jensen was the the victim and Combs and Drahold were the instigators.

Jensen was taken to a local hospital and treated for cuts and bruises on his face and body.

Combs and Drahold were arrested on suspicion of second degree assault and are set to be arraigned on June 18. The state asked that Drahold be held on $100,000 bail and Combs be held on $175,000 bail.

Both have had numerous run-ins with the law. Combs has convictions for child rape, second degree murder, domestic assault, tampering with a witness, custodial assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, vehicle theft and obstruction of justice.

Drahold has convictions for loitering, prostitution, assault, DUI and forgery.