Trying to save? Just start small

It's hard to think about saving money when your budget is stretched to the limit. But if you try, experts say, you should be able to set aside a little something each month.

Nancy Register with the Consumer Federation of America says start small, think big.

"You don't have to be saving tons of money. It's just getting it started. So start with $5 a week. Start with $5 a month. Just getting into the habit of starting to save something will really help."

And Register says make the savings automatic.

"So if you're work does direct deposit have a portion of your pay check go into savings, so it's already in that savings account before you even think about it. Also giving to retirement plans a great way to save is automatically."

Your first goal should be to build an emergency savings fund -- $500 to $1,000 -- to handle a car breakdown or unexpected medical problem.

"If you don't have that emergency fund you have to go to high-interest debt or pay day loans and that can kind of repeat the cycle of debt," Register says. "So we really want ot tell people to just have enough money to cover these unexpected things."

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