Truckers take healthy roads, aim for health

They're focused on being safe, and being on time.

And over the past year, this same industry is shifting into high gear when it comes to their HEALTH.

Remember the movies of the 1970's like "Convoy?" Life on the road was portrayed by 18 Wheels, CB radios, and truck stops open all night. And when I ask you to picture a truck driver in your mind...what are the characteristics coming into view?

You're not alone.

"Large, overnight. Possibly been in the truck for a few days, and not clean."

Not a flattering quote, but it did actually come from a trucker who realizes there's a stereotype. Paul Ralstead spent his early career on the road for days at a time, eating at a lot of truck stops.

"At that time, there was nothing out there that was healthy," Paul tells KOMO.

Paul is joining the ranks of drivers across the country who are adding another thing to their daily checklist: Health. Today's truck stop offers lower calorie options, free gyms, even marked walking trails. Still, dieting in the diesel isn't too widespread. Paul's sudden weight loss spooked his friends, one of which asked if he had cancer. He's lost 81 pounds by eating better, and exercising.

Not all drivers are on board just yet, but trucking companies across the country are beginning to challenge their drivers to lose weight and get in shape...putting the pedal down for a healthier workforce, lower insurance premiums, a new image for those who bring us everything from gas to groceries.

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