Trooper's foot run over by driver fleeing traffic stop

RENTON,Wash. -- A trooper's foot was run over when a driver in a stolen car fled after a traffic stop in Renton Monday morning.

The trooper was driving northbound on I-405 just after 10 a.m. near NE 30th Street when he pulled over a car that was illegally in the HOV lane, said Washington State Patrol spokesperson Julie Startup.

But when the trooper approached the driver, the driver sped off, running over the trooper's foot. The trooper fired a shot at the car, but missed, Startup said.

The car sped away north on I-405, but eventually exited at NE 30th, blew through the intersection, hit the opposite curb and plowed up a short, steep hill, crashing into some brush up the hill in the 1600 block. The 25-year-old driver was arrested and then taken to a local hospital for treatment.

"I don't know for sure if those injuries are related to a possible gunshot wound, grazing or the injuries resulting from the accident," said Terri Vickers with the Renton Police Department.

The trooper was taken to Valley Medical Center in Renton for treatment to his foot.

Investigators say the trooper had no idea at first the car was stolen, but this turned out to be anything but a routine traffic stop.

"We always realize that potentially there's a life threatening risk in every vehicle and it can go bad quickly," Startup said. As to why the trooper didn't know the car was stolen at the start of the stop? The state patrol says sometimes it takes time to run the plates and registration.

Startup said had the trooper known the car was stolen at the time of the stop, he would have ordered the driver to turn off the car and drop the keys out the window then exit the car with his hands on his head.

The 30-year-old trooper has not been identified, but Startup said he is a six-year veteran of the force.