To the KOMO viewers: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

I don't know that any of us at KOMO can even begin to express how much you have meant to us in the last several days. Kathi's death struck us to our core. Our hearts have been breaking. Our newsroom is not the same without her bright smile. But we as a group are much closer and stronger, buoyed by our experience and her memories.

While we've felt the despair, we know many of you have as well. We have been moved, truly moved, by the outpouring of love and support from our community. As Journalists, we aren't really used to getting a lot of complements! It's not really the nature of what we do.

There is no journalism playbook for covering the loss of a co-worker, especially when that person is Kathi Goertzen. Some may complain that we did too much. But based on the cards, emails, Facebook posts and tweets we've received we don't think so. We know we needed to grieve, we know you did too. And so we all did it together; in front of and behind the camera, from living rooms across the Northwest.

We honestly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the cards and flowers we've received. So many of you took the time to put pen to paper and write inspiring messages, poems and praise. We read them. We are still reading them. We will never forget them.

Your kindness helped strengthen us. We know Kathi is smiling and thanking you for taking care of us.

After all, it's what she did for so many years.