To Belt, or Not To Belt? (At The Waist!)

The belted waist has helped women make a fashion statement for what seems like forever. (Hint: Ever since the super-tight corset era!) When worn the right way, it can create a sexy, hourglass shape and really help your outfit pop.

Here's the thing: a belt isn't always a necessary accessory. You don't want to have one there just for the heck of it! Here's how to keep the look on-trend:

The belted waist is totally versatile. You can wear it with a plain, button down, a cardigan, layered tees, and more. In fact, most materials work well with a belt, but there are some knits that are just too bulky. A quick glance in the mirror can save you from a fashion flop.

You should never wear a belt with a wrap dress. This defeats the purpose. Instead, try an elongated necklace for a well-proportioned look.

Does your body 'shape' to a belt around the waist? Be honest. If you're generously beautiful in the mid-section, the last thing you want to do is put a belt over it. Add a chic, layered necklace, or some great earrings instead.

Does your belt add or subtract from the overall theme of your outfit? Here's an example: You're wearing a sheer shirt with an open cardigan, skinny jeans, hot boots, a unity scarf, and detailed earrings. Do you really need a belt around your waist? In this case, it's too much. Stash it for another day.

If you do decide to don a belt, make sure it hits at the right place. Imagine placing a corset over your clothes. Now cinch it. That's where your belt should be wrapped.
Thick belt, or thin belt? Well, that's up to you! See what matches your frame and personality the best. Variety is the order of the day!