Three stories from the Taylor Bridge Fire

Reporter Joel Moreno and I spent three days on the volatile front lines of the fire:

The second story comes from photographer Daniel Strothman, who writes:

"We happened upon a group of people literally trying to save their house, spraying down water and stamping out the fire with shovels. It really lifts your spirits to see strangers come together to help each other this way. That's one common thread that happens in every fire I've ever covered. The rest of the week we interviewed people who had lost everything, some who had their homes spared, volunteers who rallied the community to support the victims and of course the firefighters working around the clock to get the blaze under control. I edited together some of my best footage and sound to create a concise piece that gives a good overview of the event. Reporter Jon Humbert and I worked long hours to bring viewers this coverage and even though we were emotionally and physically drained we pushed on to tell the peoples' stories."

And finally, Jon Martin captured the massive mobilization of firefighting forces with a little help from Ride of the Valkyries: