'This panic just sets in like somebody stole our lives.'

SEATTLE -- A Seattle couple surprised friends at their recent going away party with news of their wedding. But the couple got a nasty surprise Sunday as they prepared to leave town when their moving truck was stolen.

Newly married Jason Jones and Ambrose Romero packed up their Capitol Hill apartment to move closer to family.

"The truck had everything, our whole house, our whole life," Jones said.

They walked outside Sunday to find the moving truck missing.

"My heart broke, you don't know what to do," he said. "First thing, panic and think maybe it got towed or something or police took it. Called them, they didn't have it. This panic just sets in like somebody stole our lives."

Gone is their furniture, passports, paintings, pictures, and the valuable vintage toy collection Jones planned to sell.

"I wanted when we go down to California to start a new life and hopefully adopt... be selling those to help pay for raising a family. With those gone, I don't know what to do."

The couple doesn't own a car, so when police found the truck ditched near Renton on Monday, we gave them a lift.

Romero arrived first and waited for his husband before looking inside. The men moved with dread toward the back of the truck.

Sadness broke the silence.

"It's gutted; it really is completely gutted," Romero said.

Stolen are grandparents' antiques and mementos meaningless to thieves. All that's left in the hollowed Budget truck is a picture frame, a calculator, and two blankets.

"Nothing, everything's gone," Jones said.

In one week's time, the men went from celebrating their new lives together to losing everything they own.

"It's like you gain a life then lose a life at the same time," Jones said.

The newlyweds still plan to move forward but no longer need a truck for the trip.

If you have any information about the stolen moving van or the items that were in it, contact Seattle Police.