Thieves targeting multimillion-dollar yachts on Lake Union

SEATTLE -- Someone is allegedly breaking into Seattle's multimillion-dollar yachts, doing thousands of dollars of damage in the process, in order to steal TVs and other electronic equipment.

According to the Seattle Police Department, more than half a dozen for-sale yachts moored on Lake Union have been burglarized in the past month.

On Feb. 28, someone pried open the sliding door of a yacht valued at between $4.5 million and $6.5 million moored at a marine-building business in the 1000 block of West Ewing Street, according to the police report for the incident.

According to the report, the thief made of with a few TVs, some wiring and a couple satellite receivers.

The same thing happened at Crow's Nest Yachts in South Lake Union on March 10. This time, multiple TVs and other electronics were stolen from three different yachts moored at the business' marina in the 800 block of Fairview Avenue North.

Dan Woods at Crow's Nest said the burglar must have used something heavy-duty to pry open the doors, as one of the victimized boats is "like Fort Knox." Woods said it's upsetting because the burglar did about $5,000 worth of damage getting in just to take a $50 TV.

Three more yachts moored off Fairview Avenue North were burglarized in two separate incidents between March 16 and March 19, according to police reports. At least two TVs were taken, as well as some decorative trim from a 64-foot yacht.

However, there was no damage to any of the doors and no signs of forced entry in those three burglaries, according to the reports.

Someone also cut the fence at a marina in the 2500 block of Fairview Avenue East sometime between March 14 and March 19, according to police. The intruder moved some items out of the storage lockers on one vessel and may have rifled around a few more boats, but nothing was reported missing, according to the report.

Wood at Crow's Nest said they have beefed up their regular security in light of the recent burglaries, hiring a security guard to monitor their two docks in the evening.

He said there is a heightened alertness for suspicious activity at Lake Union marine businesses right now, and he thinks the police have a good handle on the investigation.