Thieves targeting mailboxes in Auburn and Kent

AUBURN, Wash. -- They're big, blue and up until now thought to be indestructible. Or at least it seemed that way.

But mailboxes had a rude awakening in Auburn and Kent in the last week and a half.

Auburn Police say thieves have broken into boxes four times, including one box near a bank in Auburn, another in downtown Kent, and at the main post office in Auburn -- twice.

"You really expect the mailboxes at the post offices to be the most secure of all mailboxes," said customer Kate Malone.

Malone and other customers have been bothered that they have to go inside to drop off mail, but now they have to worry about identity theft.

"They could have mine. And they could be using my credit card," said Susan Marshall.

Commander Mike Hirman with the Auburn Police Department said investigators will try to use surveillance footage to get a good read on the thieves, but said it was blunt force that got them inside the iconic boxes.

"By all appearances, they're prying open the back and stealing the mail," he said.

Hirman suggests that people in Kent and Auburn drop off their mail inside post offices for a few more weeks until repaired boxes arrive.