Thieves steal three motorcycles from Seattle business

SEATTLE -- A Seattle business owner who only recently opened his doors is already facing a huge setback after thieves broke in and stole three valuable motorcycles.

Robert Reeves spends plenty of time searching the web for hard-to-find motorcycles. But now he's online trying to find three of his own bikes, which were recently stolen from his Aurora Avenue shop.

"They are enthusiast motorcycles," he said. "They're very rare and very sought after and they're hard to find."

Surveillance cameras caught a person prowling the business just after 5 a.m. Then cameras captured another person arrive with bolt cutters.

Reeves said a Lexus CT 200 HF hybrid hatchback drove into the lot moments later, followed by a loss of power and the cameras going dark. The burglars left with three high end, rare motorcycles.

"They're worth twice as much in parts as they are in retail sales," Reeves said. "Bike's are extremely easy to strip down and very easy to sell on the black market."

Reeves saved for years to start his own business, and he finally made enough to open his shop just over a month ago.

"Having that ripped away, it's 10 years of work just gone," he said.

The thieves also made off with memorabilia, family keepsakes, car keys and titles.

Reeves said he has taken his most expensive merchandise off the lot to a safer place while he continues searching for his stolen bikes.

"Just gut wrenching," he said. "They're there for a purpose, and they have no remorse or anything for what they do."