There's going to be a Grumpy Cat movie

Get ready for your close-up, Tardar Sauce. You're about to be a starlet.

Deadline has confirmed that the notoriously dour-faced feline has inked a deal for "a 'Garfield'-like feature film" in which Grumpy Cat herself will be the star.

Grumpy Cat, who suffers from feline dwarfism, is no stranger to life in front of the camera -- she's featured in a documentary about fellow celebrekitty Lil Bub.

Despite her immense internet fame (she was recently awarded the 2013 Webby award for Meme of the Year), Grumpy Cat's owners say that she remains a fairly normal cat.

The film does not yet have a release date, but Jack Black and Will Ferrell are rumored to be attached to the New Line project.