Theft victim: 'It's time to do something. It's time to take action'

SEATTLE -- A Seattle neighborhood plagued by break-ins is considering an unusual tactic to catch the bad guys.

Residents in Arbor Heights want to set a trap, using bait and hidden cameras.

Karl Krull said criminals are breaking into somebody's home or car almost every day in his neighborhood.

"To have some sub-human animal come and rip it off of them and get away scot free, it just ruffles my feathers," Krull said.

Neighbor Jeff Bartel is using his blog to toss out an unusual idea.

"We're done with sitting around waiting to become the next victim of thievery," he said.

Bartel wants to use a bait car to lure in a thief.

He said the car would look normal to thieves, but would actually be rigged with small hidden cameras that would trigger an alert on the neighbors' computers.

"Basically, it's a rat trap that sets off an alarm, quietly," he said. "They're just doing their thing, and boom!"

Bartel really wants Seattle police to conduct the sting operation, but if they won't he said he's ready to try it out on his own.

"You can call 911, you can post things online day after day. But what are we going to do about it?" he said.

Some neighbors support the idea, but others have voiced reservations.

"You might say it's entrapment, but why is that any less sneaky than a guy that comes around, knocks a window out of your house and crawls in in the dark?" Krull said.