The Zombies At Bumbershoot

It was a great summer of concerts in the Northwest and, of course, Bumbershoot is always a highlite with its many stages and rotation of top entertainers.

This year the iconic 60's rock group The Zombies played the mural stage to a standing room only crowd. I had the chance to speak with lead singer Colin Blunstone on the phone from London a few days before the show. He had lots of interesting band trivia, but one of the most intriguing stories was the actual recording of one of their biggest hits, Time Of The Season.

They were the next band in at Apple studios right after the Beatles finished recording Sergeant Pepper. All of the instruments were still in the studio from the Beatle's session. So, they used many of them.

What you hear in "Time Of The Season" is the Zombies playing the same instruments the Beatles used in one of their most successful recordings. Maybe those instruments were just somehow magic.

Take a listen to a portion of my talk with Colin.

By the way, this past summer marked Bumbershoot's 43rd year with more than 7-million people attending the three day event at Seattle Center.