The scoop on Jef Holm: His hair, taking it slow with Emily and what's coming

[Editors Note: Jef Holm is one of six bachelors remaining on ABC's The Bachelorette. Jef talked with entertainment writers and reporters about the show late last week. Below are excerpts from that call. ]

Why did you play it so cool and take things so slow with Emily in the beginning? Was that a strategy?

Jef: I get that question a lot. And it's kind of interesting. When I first got to the house, I realized that ever single one of the guys was going full steam ahead for Emily surrounding and swarming her. I wasn't going to be just like that up front, trying to make her notice me. I mean, I wanted to chase her for sure but I didn't want to be someone who is just out there trying to get her attention like crazy.

During your one-on-one with Emily, you said if Ricki was going to be compared to any baggage, it should be an expensive Chloe handbag. How do you know so much about designer bags?

I'm really into fashion and I am 27 - I've dated a lot of girls, some of them with expensive tastes. You know, I have three sisters and a mom and they are really into shopping. I guess it comes from being around my sisters and girlfriends.

Let's discuss your infamous hair. Have you always had this hairdo?

Finally, someone talks about my hair! No, I haven't always had this hairdo. Actually, when I was approached to come on the show, I had really long hair. When I went in for casting, I had it back in a big ponytail and I think they wanted me to keep the bad boy image because I am misunderstood in that way. I cut it three weeks before I went on the show and to be honest, I cut it because of Emily. She seemed like a southern bell who is really conservative and I didn't want my image to be the demise of me.

On previews for tonight's episode, we see a little bit about reports saying that Arie dated one of the producers. What are your thoughts about that whole thing and when did you first hear about it?

Jef: I didn't find out until after I had gotten home. That's really weird to me because Arie and I developed a really good friendship. We communicated about everything and it's so strange to me because he would come back home after dates and he'd be like, 'Emily just feels like there's something that I'm hiding from her or that I'm holding back and I have no idea what it is.' Obviously, I had no idea that he dated one of the producers so when I got home and figured that out, I was like, well duh.

Could you give us a tease as to what might happen for you on tonight's episode?

As you know, I got a date in London so my time isn't really up for another date but Emily and I do get to spend some time together and it's a really huge pivotal moment in relationship. You'll have to tune in and watch!


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