The Schrammie: When is a bus not a bus?

When is a bus not a bus?

How about when it's really a bookmobile.

Now, if Alan Haight, Director of the State Department of Licensing, would stop fiddling with the Dewey Decimal System, I'd like him to come on down.

The King County Library System was recently informed by Alan's DOL that its bookmobile is technically a bus.

As such, those who drive it must have a commercial driver's license.


Of the more than one dozen drivers, none possess said license.

King County Library officials say it would cost them close to $100,000 in training and extra insurance if Alan's DOL insists on turning their bookmobile into a bus.

It doesn't have the money for something like that.

If the bookmobile were a motor home there would be no problem. You don't need a commercial license to drive a motor home.

The library is asking Alan's DOL to put the bus back into the bookmobile it has always been. Alan's DOL says it's looking into the matter but has no timetable on a decision.

Meanwhile the bookmobile is parked; the wheels on the newly classified bus are not going round and round.

Anyway, once Alan finishes reading the One Minute Manager - which may be overdue - I'd like him to take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for him.


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