The Schrammie: Let's get our priorities straight

Funding public education is a tricky business these days.

Trickier still is how to spend the money you have.

And so I'd like to invite Jeff Russell, president of the Everett school board, to grab his calculator and come on down.

Russell and three of his four board members say there's no money to repair some badly torn up sport practice fields at Cascade and Jackson high schools.

Word is the district is thinking about asking voters to pass a bond measure for some new artificial turf fields - a couple of years from now.

But at the same time that student athletes are told to make do, district administrators are all giddy at the board moving ahead with plans to build a brand spanking new administration building for upwards of $25 million.

The kids, their parents and one dissenting school board member don't see the logic of that.

I don't see any logic here at all.

Logic is that before you build a palatial bureaucratic estate, you make sure student needs have been met.

Logic is, at the least, scaling back plans for a new administration building to use some of the money for fixing sports fields that are a danger to students.

And logic says that if you're Jeff Russell, the school board president who doesn't understand that, well then, you take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for you.


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