The Schrammie: Greed rules the day

Maybe Gordon Gekko, Michael Douglas' character in the movie "Wall Street," had it right.

And if Gordon Gekko had it right and "greed is good", then maybe the Port of Seattle CEO has a leg to stand on.

So if Tay Yoshitani would take a break from his second job, I'd like him to come on down.

As chief executive of the port, Mr. Yoshitani pulls in about $367,000 a year.

Apparently unable to subsist on that taxpayer-provided salary, Mr. Yoshitani has taken a second job that pays him another $230,000 a year.

That second job has raised eyebrows - and a host of legal questions.

Mr. Yoshitani's other employer is Expeditors International, the self-proclaimed "travel agent for freight."

And while the company does not directly do business with the Port of Seattle, the relationship between what the port does and what expeditors does has elected officials and some port commissioners squirming in their seats.

In talking with Commissioner Rob Holland, he told me that Mr. Yoshitani is walking too fine a line and should pick one job or the other.

Mr. Yoshitani, seemingly oblivious to the conflict of interest he's creating, has indicated he'll do no such thing.

So, for wanting to eat his cake and have it too; for sacrificing public perception for private gain, and for greed ruling the day, I think Mr. Tay Yoshitani should take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for him.


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