The Schrammie: Don't fall for R-74 fear mongering

When is a lie not a lie?

When it's part of a political campaign, of course.

And so I'd like to invite Joseph Backholm of Preserve Marriage Washington to throw some water on his pants on fire and come on down.

In its quest to keep Washington from being the first state to have voter approved marriage equality, Joe and his Preserve Marriage organization are warning people that if they vote yes on Referendum 74, anyone who doesn't comply with marriage equality will face "negative legal consequences."

Joe and his group also try to make hay with the dire pronouncement that elementary schools may soon be teaching homosexual marriage, the implication being that future generations will be cultivated and groomed into becoming gay and lesbian.

Let's be clear here.

Referendum 74 says nothing about education.

Referendum 74 exempts any priest, minister or rabbi from having to perform a same sex marriage ceremony, and any church or place of worship from having to recognize same.

What Joe and his group is trying to do is confuse voters because confused voters tend to just vote no.

Don't fall for it.

Joe and his group figure if they can't dazzle you with details, they'll bombard you with B.S.

Which is why I think Joseph Backholm should take a curtsey and a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for him.


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