The Schrammie: An inexplicable move

It puts a question mark on their impartiality.

And it was their boss who eroded their objectivity.

So if Frank Blethen, publisher of the Seattle Times, would just stop the presses for a moment, I'd like him to come on down.

Frank thought it would be a good idea for the newspaper to pay for some political advertisements.

One was bought for gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, another for the ballot measure to legalize same sex marriage.

Tens of thousands of dollars spent to the chagrin and embarrassment of the paper's journalists.

It was a corporate decision that has since been roundly criticized as a threat to the well-earned credibility of the news department.

It could easily leave readers with the impression that the times is playing political patty cake, putting news objectivity at question.

The explanation for this inexplicable move is that Frank wants to demonstrate the power of newspaper advertising.

I suppose Frank didn't consider that the residual effect might be undermining intangibles like respect, ethics and journalistic integrity.

So, if Frank would hold tightly to that newest Pulitzer prize the Seattle Times was awarded, I'd like him to take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for him.


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