The Schrammie: A vote from an eager outcast

She was eager to take the credit.

I think that means she gets to share the blame.

So if State Sen. Pam Roach would give her arm a rest from patting herself on the back, I'd like her to come on down.

Senator Pam claims she was the deciding 25th vote in the Republican's hijacking of the senate budget.

Having been booted from the GOP caucus back in 2010 for what was described as her caustic demeanor, and her contributing to a hostile work environment, Senator Pam traded vote number 25 for a spot back with her political brethren.

Senator Pam was all giddy at her party's political hijinks and more than excited at the prospect of going from an outie back to an innie.

One has to wonder if she even glanced at a GOP budget that, among other things, eliminates the basic health plan; eliminates the disability lifeline and proposes even more cuts to basic education.

So Senator Pam gets to caucus again, an activity she'll likely have plenty of opportunity for since her self-proclaimed deciding vote is almost certain to mean lawmakers will be sticking around for a special session to fix the budget that Republicans jammed through.

So take a bow Sen. Roach, because this "Schrammie" is for you.


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