The Schrammie: A shameful act of exclusion

Okay, so maybe everybody loves a parade.

But somebody didn't want just anybody to march in their parade.

So if the organizers of Auburn Veterans Day Parade would unfurl the flag, I'd like them to come on down.

The City of Auburn had decided that VFP, Veterans for Peace, should not be allowed to march in what's touted as one of the biggest Veterans Day parades in the country.

Seems parade officials thought their message of peace was offensive and didn't fit with the overall theme of the parade.

Mind you, the Veterans for Peace had marched in the parade for the past several years and the group took exception at being excluded from this year's event.

So, they went to court.

And a judge decided that protecting free speech is part and parcel of what veterans have fought and died for.

And the judge said, let them march.

So the City of Auburn bowed to the law and the constitution and said fine, the Veterans for Peace can take their place in the parade.

Shame on the parade organizers who tried to exclude veterans who see peace as preferable to war.

Shame on the parade organizers who set out to dishonor those men and women who served because they believe in their right to put forward a particular opinion.

So if they would, I'd like those parade organizers to take a bow, because this "Schramie" is for them.


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