The Schrammie: A fly in the arena ointment

Some legal razzle-dazzle in an attempt to stifle hope for SODO hoops.

So if Cameron Williams, President of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, would quit trying to direct traffic, I'd like him to come on down.

Cam the man says he doesn't like the way things have been done to bring basketball back to the region.

He says the idea of building an arena in the SODO district is just not feasible.

Further, Cam says his union is going to court to stop the plan from moving forward.

Regurgitating objections raised by Port of Seattle officials, Cam the man cites traffic congestion as the purveyor of doom for the maritime industry.

He also says elected officials violated environmental laws by not putting a study into play as soon as a stadium proposal was evident.

The sad fact is that Cam the man, just like port officials, have little nit to pick.

One traffic study has already shown no significant impact on the SODO district; plans are already being discussed as to how to mitigate long-standing congestion problems in the area, and an environmental study is mandatory before any construction of a new arena can begin.

Maybe Cam just hates basketball.

Maybe Cam is all about making points with the port.

Or maybe Cam should just take a bow for being a fly in the ointment, because this "Schrammie" is for him.


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