The Power of Chia!

Chia, yes as in the chia pet is the new "it" food in the world of healthy eating.

Brian Higginson registered dietician with Swedish medial center says it's not really magic, but it IS good for you.

Brian Higginson registered dietician with Swedish Medial Center says it's not really a magical food like the Aztecs claimed. It is however very good for you. Chia seeds have a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

He says many of us need MORE omega 3 fatty acids in our diet which can help fight off inflammation, but the big health claim lately is that chia seeds help you lose weight.

That goo not only makes us feel fuller longer it can also balance our blood sugar which CAN help you lose weigh but it' s not a quick fix..

So what do they taste like? It has a nutty earthy flavor and unlike flax seeds you don't have to grind them to release their power.

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