"The Pirates fo Penzance" Question of the Day

The Pirates of Penzance at the 5th Avenue Theatre
July 11 - Aug 4, 2013

Long before Johnny Depp swaggered his way across the Caribbean, a band of swashbuckling (but tenderhearted) pirates set hearts aflutter with their high seas hijinks. This cheeky farce fairly explodes across the stage with damsels in distress, a sexy Pirate King, a delightfully dotty Major-General, and a score you will hum all the way home. Click here to buy tickets.

Here's how you can win tickets: Watch KOMO 4 News First News at 4pm June 26, 27, 28, 2013 - when you see the Question of the Day be the first to email the correct answer. You can email your answer here.The winner recevies a pair of tickets to opening night. Click here for rules.