The number one snack in America is...fresh fruit!?

If you were to drop into the on-air studio during the Kent & Alan show, you'd notice the distinctive smell of orange peels. That's because Alan and Leonard are almost constantly snacking on fresh fruit -- and they're not alone! According to a survey last month, fresh fruit is America's number one snack choice, beating out chips, chocolate, and other less healthy choices. Nice work, America!

The NPD Snacking in America Report found that one in five eating occasions (translation: "times of day you put something in your mouth") is a snack, as opposed to a full meal, and that Americans are snacking in the morning now that more than ever. Maybe it's all the publicity about breakfast being the most important meal of the day?

But probably the most interesting finding in the report is that Americans show a big preference for fresh fruit, opting for it almost 10 times more than chocolate, and a full 25% more than potato chips. The researchers chalk it up to the fact that people of all ages love fruit, and that it's easy to buy and pack around. It's also a snack that can be eaten all day.

Interestingly, the report also found that those who snacked the most between meals were the most healthy eaters. Moral of the story? Make like the cast of the Kent & Alan show and pack those bananas, oranges, and apples into work with you, and feel free to go to town on those healthy snacks between meals.