The Eyes Never Lie

Your eyes are so important to your success. You've heard the saying, they are the windows to your soul. They are the only part of your brain that can be seen.

About 25 percent of all the information the brain processes comes through the eyes. So our eyes can tell a lot about what we are thinking and how we react. When your pupils dilate, that indicates you are being open, honest and emotional. When they constrict however, in a normal light, it means you're probably not telling the truth.

It's important to be aware that about 85 percent of all communication is non-verbal. Learning more about body language and eye movement will help you be more aware of how you come across. For instance, constantly looking away or dropping your head in a conversation suggests that there may be something deceitful going on. Direct eye contact will indicate a real connection. When you are speaking to someone about something that involves emotion, perhaps about a loved one, in most cases their eyes will drop to the bottom left. That suggests that they are being truthful and are moved by what they're thinking. Dropping the eyes to the bottom right says they're looking toward the future or trying to come up with something emotional and constructive.

So next time you're in a meeting or a job interview, you don't want to give your colleagues or future employer the "death stare" but it is important to have good eye contact. Look right into their eyes and smile. And pay attention to what their eyes are doing. If their eyes are open wide and dilated it's a sure fire sign that they're interested and there may be a connection there.