The Bachelorette episode 2 recap: Get ready for a G-rated season

SEATTLE -- Emily is definitely proving that she is a different breed of "Bachelorette". Being the first single mother to appear on "The Bachelorette", there has been much speculation about how things will play out for her and now that we are into our second week of the season, we are getting a real taste for just how different Emily's season will be from her predecessors. Last night's episode had its dramatic moments but for the most part, everything we saw was barely G-rated.

Michelle Esteban @MichelleKOMO
What's wrong with me? This Bachelorette is a little too 'G' for me #liveonkomo

Historically, the first solo date of the season has been off the charts - private jets, romance, being waited on hand-and-foot on a rooftop deck somewhere fancy and chemistry oozing all over the place. Emily appears to be going for something a little closer to what real-life will be like for the lucky guy who wins her heart.

Ryan was definitely a good sport as he ventured out with Emily (in her Chevy Tahoe?!) to bake cookies that they then took to Ricki's soccer match. Ryan sat in the car longingly as Emily went onto the field to meet Ricki and her team to distribute the cookies. The conversations on Twitter seemed to sum up the first date experience perfectly:

Travis Mayfield @TravisMayfield
Kinda creepy....that Ryan is just sitting in the SUV looking out at the soccer field? #liveonkomo

Johanna Baxter @hanniespice
drinking out of a juice box. +10 sexy points! #liveonkomo

Fortunately for Ryan, the second half of their date was much more "Bachelorette"-like. Emily went from soccer mom to blonde bombshell and the pair dined at a local restaurant with a host of local onlookers. The dinner conversation was straight out of one of those dating books "101 Things To Not Do On A First Date" and seriously, what is the deal with Ryan's hair?

Emily Bratkovich @emilybratkovich
@komo4 feel like this first date is really awkward, but really opens up the guy's eyes! #liveonkomo

Enter the Muppets?!!?

It's hard to see the correlation between the Muppets and a dating show with 25 adult men vying for one gal's heart but it seems that Emily is really trying to integrate her daughter into the storyline of the show so it's likely we'll see plenty more of these G-Rated dates.

Miss Beth @lilkaraokediva
DOH!!!!! #liveonKOMO Welcome to dating a single mommy ya all!!!!

The final date of the evening belonged to Joe (can't you hear him say "EMMMIILLLLYYY!") and while he seemed to be a promising suitor in the series preview, the chemistry was most definitely NOT there for Emily. It was pretty clear when he couldn't even answer Emily's question, "Where do you want to be in five years?" that Joe's boat was sinking.

Beverly Magee @bevmagee
Joe=Matthew Mcconaughey? Not seeing it. At all. #liveonkomo #thebachelorette

The most shocking part of the night? Emily's reaction to getting rid of Joe! If she is crying about letting people go on the second episode, what in the world is she going to be doing when we get to hometown dates?!

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