The Anti-Aging Workout

Everyone wants to stay as young and healthy as they can be for as long as they can, and these days there is no excuse. There are many options online, in the gym, at home and outside for working out your body, mind, face and emotions.

Countless studies show that keeping a positive outlook, a busy social calendar, and an active body will help keep you out of the hospital and in great shape, no matter what your age. Your first course of action is to present some fitness ideas to your doctor and get his/her advice.

Here is my S.E.N.I.O.R. prescription for staying in great shape even late in life:

S- stretching workouts like Yoga help with balance (reduce falls), detox and ease constipation.reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, help you sleep better, help with functional moves we do in our daily lives, and help your posture. inversions in yoga help blood flow and lessen wrinkles, as long as your doctor approves moves that are inversions.

E-Exercise your face! Facial exercises help with sagging skin, a double chin, drooping eyes and wrinkles in the forehead, while plumping the cheeks. Google workouts for neck, eyes, forehead, cheeks and jaw, for the many online classes, books and instructional routines.

N- Nightclubing! Instead of waiting in line with a bunch of 20-year-olds waiting to go deaf with a loud DJ, opt for a night out of dancing. Find a supper club, a jazz bar, flamenco performance, or a dance school. There are also many dance classes in fitness centers where you can try Zumba and other styles. Dancing helps with balance, coordination, builds strong bones, posture and confidence.

I- In the pool. Swimming is great for non-impact when you have arthritis, and it tones the arms, core, back and legs. Your building, a local Y, or fitness center can give you free swim hours or sign you up for a water aerobics class. My advice is practice at home, then go on vacation somewhere you can swim in the water under some palm trees.

O-Outside walking with friends, your pet, your spouse, your grandkids helps prevent dementia and weight gain and increases endurance whether you are just starting out or recovering from an illness or surgery. Start slow and build from there. Work up to jogging and cycling for memory, endurance, cardiovascular health, fat loss, emotional pick me up and better sleep. Studies show that fresh air workouts boost your mood even more than working out indoors.

R-Resistance - Leg workout like wall-assisted lunges and squats over a chair, as well as standing calf raises for circulation, reduced swelling, and better tone/strength. Weight lifting to fight Osteoporosis, a curved spine, fractures, broken bones, and falls. 90 minutes a week total is all you need to help with balance, functional tasks and coordination. Use free weights or your own body weight for arm and leg workouts that increases muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn more calories than non-resistance workouts. You will look more toned and feel younger before you know it.

Nicole Glor, is a regular fitness expert on Fox and Friends, and the star of 7 fitness DVDs. She is also an AFAA certified NYC personal trainer.