Test your trivia chops against a Jeopardy champion

What's it like playing a trivia game against the Seattle man who holds the record for most consecutive wins on the game show Jeopardy. We'll now you have a chance.

"Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings" hit the iTunes App store today with the sense of humor Jennings is known for.

"They said I think we want to do it like a Mexican wrestling match and I was like yes, that's what the world needs. I am in. Bring on the octagon," says Jennings.

The app features 1000 questions in a series of 20 quizzes where the player races against Jennings for time and accuracy. The user actually gets to design an avatar that looks like a Mexican wrestler to compete against Jennings' avatar.

The idea was the result of a chance meeting between the apps creators' and Jennings during the monthly MovieCat Trivia Night and the Seattle Central Cinema.

"We approached him afterwards with this idea and he totally went for it" says Jessica Aceti, who along with husband Brian Kirk designed the app. The pair also developed the Filmwise movie trivia website.

What's unique is the ability to play against Jennings in a real time scenario. To do that, Kirk and Aceti created a game with 1000 trivia questions and recorded Jennings answers and how long it took Jennings to answer the questions.

"So they locked me in this room, with snacks and soda and a thousand trivia questions to answer and I didn't get to come out until I did them all, It was like detention" says Jennings.

Developers then incorporated Jennings results into the app. The user can see how fast Jennings was answering the questions while they play the game.

"The app is using the actually data we collected when he was playing" says Kirk.

"He's really fast, that surprised us a little bit" says Aceti. But Kirk says he is beatable because he didn't get all of the questions correct.

The app sells for $2.99 on the iTunes app store. An Android version is in the works.

If it's a success, the plan is to put Jennings back into detention and answer more trivia questions for a future add-on to the game.