Telling secrets: 'Seattle Confidential' returns to ACT

Despite the reputation for being a little frosty to strangers, there's something about living in the Pacific Northwest that just makes us want to confess our secrets and bear our souls. Take, for example, the iconic and exquisitly awkward Salon of Shame, an event which asks readers to share their adolescent writing and nearly always sells out within minutes. Next week, another bastion of blush-worthy content returns to the Emerald City: Seattle Confidential is back at ACT.

Seattle Confidential features local talent like Imogen Love, Branden Romans, Scott Shoemaker, Gretchen Krich, Michael Patten, and Emily Chisholm, reading the solicited submissions of real Seattleites on a particular topic. Submissions must be short, but they may be in any form -- and they should be something you've never shared with anyone. The performance also includes scientific surveys from audience and community members.

Conceptualized in 2011 by area actor/director Ian Bell, Seattle Confidential is now in its second season and, due to the popularity of the format and the performances, has been elevated to a quarterly performance.

Bell calls the series "part interactive social experiment, part voyeuristic theatre event." Previous topics have included experiences with ghosts and the loss of virginity.

Tickets and more information are available through ACT.