Teen's harrowing escape: 'He could have kidnapped and killed me'

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A Puyallup teenager said a man tried to chase him down with his car, and then on foot, trying to abduct him.

Austin Terry, 16, said he got the scare of his life just two blocks from his home on a quiet Puyallup street.

"It's really hard," Austin said. "It could have been really bad. He could have wanted money. He could have kidnapped and killed me."

While walking home from the grocery store late Friday night on Puyallup's East Pioneer Street, a man in a sleeper or camper van demanded he get in.

"He was staring at me," Austin said. "I was thinking, 'What is he doing?' Then he pulled on curb, then he waited."

Austin kept walking, but the driver headed towards him. Austin tried to lose him down a nearby alley, but the man drove to the alley, got out and started chasing him.

But Austin was faster.

"I saw my friends dad's truck there and hid under it," Austin said.

It gave him a chance to get a good description of the van.

Puyallup police worked the neighborhood Monday looking for clues or witnesses. They think the man has been here before.

"We did get a report that someone may have seen it a day earlier," said Capt. Ryan Portmann with Puyallup Police. "So we're looking into that."

Police are looking for a light green camper van with a squiggly striping line down the side, dark tinted windows, shiny rims with Firestone Tires and a sliding side door. Austin said it had a license plate that begins with the letter "A".

As for the driver, he's described as a black man in his late 20s or early 30s with a blue gauge earring plug in his ear. Austin told police the man spoke with a slight stutter.

Police say Austin did everything right in his escape, but Austin says while he feels proud of himself, he's never leaving the house alone after dark again.