Teenage hit-and-run victim finally wakes from 73-day coma

SEATTLE -- A teenager who had been in a coma since a July hit and run is finally awake, and his mom hopes it's just the first step in his recovery.

After 73 days of holding vigil by her comatose son's side, Quianna Holden finally heard hope from her child's doctor this week.

"That was the best sound I ever heard in my life, is that he is no longer in a coma and he was awake," she said.

In July, 15-year-old Trevon Crease-Holden was heading home with his younger brother after a late night basketball program in Rainier Valley when a car slammed into the teen. The driver never stopped.

"Accidents happen, but they left him to die," Quianna said.

When she can't be by her son's side, Quianna said her sister is. She never stopped talking, hoping he'd never forget her voice.

"One of the biggest fears I had was that he didn't know me when he did wake up, afraid he wouldn't know me," she said.

On Monday, when her oldest child mouthed the word mom, her heart melted and her fears faded.

"I said, 'It's your mommy,' and he opened his eyes and blinked a couple times," Quianna said. "I'm starting to tear up and that's when he was like, 'Mom, mom.'"

A speech therapist is now meeting with Trevon to help him communicate beyond two blinks for no and one for yes.

Police are still searching for the driver who abandoned the stolen car that hit Trevon.

"At this point, I have left that to God, and my only focus is on my son," Quianna said.

She said her family can finally move forward. Instead of waiting to know if Trevon would wake up, they're now waiting to know how much of him will return.

Trevon was excited to play varsity football for Franklin this fall. His number was going to be 24, the same as his favorite player, Marshawn Lynch. Now is family is hoping for a hospital visit from a Seahawk to cheer him up.

If you want to help the Holden family, you can donate at Problem Solvers link