Teenage boy gets away after man in van tries to snag him

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Puyallup police are looking for a man who tried to lure a teenage boy into his van, then chased after him on Friday night.

The 16 year old told police a green camper-van was parked on 13th Street after 10 p.m., Capt. Ryan Portmann of the Puyallup police said.

As the teen walked by the man inside told him to get in.

When the teen said no, the van began following him, the boy told police.

The teen ran down an alley and saw a van driver stop and begin to chase him.

"In this case the kid was faster and outran him," Portmann said.

He was able to hide under a car until the van drove off.

The teen told police the camper van was green with squiggly striping down the side, dark-tinted windows, and shiny rims.

He also said the license plate starts with an "A."

A detective investigating the case believes the teen's story is legitimate.