Teen with BB gun causes scare at Olympia schools

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A teen showing off a realistic BB gun to a friend inadvertently caused a scare at two Olympia schools Thursday morning, according to the Olympia Police Department.

A teacher called 911 to report a man with what appeared to be a rifle near Jefferson Middle School and Capital High School, and principals at nearby schools were alerted.

Officers arrived and found two teens sitting across from Jefferson Middle School. One of the teens was showing his friend a pellet gun that was a realistic imitation of an M-4 military rifle.

According to police, the teen had no idea his actions had prompted a 911 call.

Police are taking the opportunity to warn the public that law-enforcement and school personnel are on heightened alert about firearms near schools because of recent national events.

"Use good judgment when transporting either actual firearms or other things that can easily be mistaken for lethal firearms, such as models, toys, paintball guns and BB guns," Chief Ronnie Roberts said in a press release.

This was the second false alarm this week after Reeves Middle School and Roosevelt Elementary School were locked down Tuesday while officers looked for a reported man with a gun.