Teen beaten and robbed at Seattle's Matthews Beach

SEATTLE -- A brutal attack in one Seattle neighborhood has residents and parents calling for change.

Earlier this week a teen was beaten and robbed at Matthews Beach, and police are still searching for the attackers.

Like many people out enjoying Seattle's warm summer weather, 18-year-old Mason Lanphear decided to spend some time at Lake Washington's Matthews Beach Wednesday night.

But after the sun set, Lanphear's buddies left. He left a short time later, and that's when he says a group of men stopped him in the parking lot.

"They got one hefty punch on this side," Lanphear said. "I'm pretty sure that knocked me out."

He roughed up, and the thieves got away with his iPhone and backpack.

"The stuff, the phone and the backpack, it's not so important to me," Lanphear said. "But just the fact that I couldn't do anything about it, it was pretty frustrating."

After the attack, Lanphear took stock of himself and immediately called his family for help.

"We rushed up there and and found him alone in the park, bleeding, with an obvious head injury. It was pretty devastating," said the teen's mother," Nina Rhys.

Adding insult to injury, Lanphear said there were several people in the parking lot when he was attacked, but they did nothing to stop the beating.

"I mean, this is Seattle. This is a great city. If you see a kid get clocked and knocked out, call 911. What are you afraid of?" Rhys said.

Residents in the area agree that something should have been done, and they don't want their neighborhood to be known as a dangerous place.

"People shouldn't have to feel that way in any neighborhood. In any neighborhood you should have to feel like you have to watch you back," said neighbor Catherine Cates.

When it was all over, Lanphear was left with a concussion and a trip to the emergency room to get stitches in his ear. Still, even after his vicious beating, he said he won't dwell on the crime.

"Yeah, it's a little traumatizing, but I'll get over it soon," he said.

Police have not made any arrests in the case.