Ted Bundy Connection Eyed In UW Attack

SEATTLE - The name of serial killer Ted Bundy has come up in the investigation of a man in connection with the attack on a woman at a UW sorority.

Police say the man seems to have a bizarre fascination with the serial killer and some people who know the man say it went beyond fascination. Some say he wanted to be Ted Bundy.

"Anything he said to us was on the lines of endangering and threatening people. It wasn't pleasant, his conversations," said Mike Buhl.

Buhl tells us the man's conversations went from unpleasant to creepy, especially when he talked about the notorious serial killer. He even asked friends to call him Ted.

"He said when he was in school he studied Ted Bundy and that he revered the guy and so that's why he wanted to be called Ted," said Buhl.

Buhl met the man who wanted to be called Ted after he moved into a friend's apartment in Kent more than a year ago. He says he was so creepy, after a few months, he was asked to move out

"I had seen him on the Internet a few times and he was always looking up serial killers, weapons, armory, handguns, etc. And so many times I would confront him on it and say 'why would a person be looking up this?' and he'd just give me the usual answer - 'I went to school for it'," said Buhl.

Person of Interest

He's the same man University of Washington and Seattle police are now questioning in the attack and attempted rape of a UW freshman. The 18-year old was assaulted at the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house in September. The attacker was hiding inside her room.

"Certainly when you have a weapon , handcuffs, shackles and ah, pantyhose and so forth that's not normal. You would start thinking possible sex crimes," University of Washington police captain, Randy Stegmeier said.

The pantyhose and other items were found when UW police pulled him over for driving with a suspended license. But what they found in his apartment made them even more suspicious.

"Books and articles on Ted Bundy, pictures of Bundy's victims, women's underwear and handgun ammunition. Nothing criminal, but certainly unusual, At this point no one knows if he is the suspect in this case, but it bares looking at," said Stegmeier.

So far, the man has not been charged with any crime associated with the attack. He's being held on unrelated charges.

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