Take a tour inside the world's greenest office building

SEATTLE -- The world's greenest office building will be unveiled in Seattle later this month, but KOMO News got an inside look at the future of the workplace.

Architects say buildings like the Bullitt Center can improve health, and the bottom line, and Bullitt Foundation CEO Denis Hayes says he could not be more proud.

"The building has a brain and a nervous system," he said. "I am delighted with the building. I am filled with joy every time I climb those stairs."

Those stairs are designed to draw you up and keep you healthy.

Even the windows are high-tech. When they sense ideal conditions, the 700-pound windows open.

"The most important things about the windows may be how high they reach," Hayes said. "We're trying to get as much daylight into the building because it's been shown that people are more productive, they're happier, (and) they're healthier when surrounded by daylight."

And daylight floods inside, even on a cloudy day.

That roof is all solar panels and it's all the power the building needs, showing the world if it can be done in cloudy Seattle, it can be done anywhere. Even Seattle's rain is put to good use.

"Every drop of water that is utilized in this building will come from the rain that falls on the roof," Hayes said.

Hayes was also proud to show off the bathroom. The flush-less toilets create foam with just two teaspoons of water. All the sewage is treated and taken to compost.

Hayes is best known for starting Earth Day. He's been a leading environmentalist since.

"I've been thinking about a super green building since the Carter administration," Hayes said.

Could this building be his most influential endeavor?

"If this building were to create the kind of movement that we think is possible," Hayes said. "That is to say, if all of the new construction in the United States aspired to be like this.. if this building triggers that, then it's probably the most impactful thing that I've ever been involved with."