Tacoma to lay off dozens of police officers and firefighters

The City of Tacoma has sent out letters to the unions that represent its employees detailing plans for layoffs of 165 city workers in order to close a budget gap, which could be as big as $31 million dollars for the next two-year spending plan.

Those layoffs include 52 police officers and 47 firefighters.

City spokesman, Rob McNair-Huff tells the KOMO News Network there is simply no money left and no place else to cut.

If the economy continues on its current path, McNair-Huff says there could be a second round of layoffs.

The police and fire unions say that means public safety will be affected, and they question how the city's financial situation could have gotten so bad when there was a more rosy picture being painted just a few months ago.

The city is hoping to avoid some of those layoffs with retirements.