Tacoma neighbors using high-tech resources to fight graffiti

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Tacoma neighborhood has been plagued with graffiti for months, and now the community is banding together and using social media to take on the taggers.

Neighbors in the Whitman area say dozens of homes, fences and poles in the area have been vandalized, cleaned up and tagged again. Fed up, some of the neighbors decided they had the smarts, technology and determination to catch the vandals themselves.

Homeowner David Stafursky is leading the charge, using the power of Facebook to track the vandalism and strategize with his neighbors.

"We're constantly keeping an eye out for each other," he said.

He's also using surveillance systems to help police make arrests.

"So I went over there and Installed it, a four camera system. And Jessica's going to be getting a system here," Stafursky said.

Down the block, Todd Chamberlain said some homeowners are even helping those who can't afford the cameras.

"I told a neighbor of ours they'd pitch in and they've done that, and so she ordered her camera system," he said.

The neighbors don't know exactly what they'll find if they do catch the culprits.

"I don't know if it's gang or kids having fun, or what," Chamberlains said.

Chamberlain said most of the graffiti of late is red, and someone recently tagged the letters CK on his fence. A police officer told him it stands for crip killer and could be the work of a bloods gang member.

"I think when we see that we get concerned," he said. "I don't know if they're trying to mark a territory or their influences in this neighborhood."

He's concerned, but he's not afraid to fight back.

"Just letting people know you can't do stuff like that in our neighborhood," he said.