Tacoma mother angry over handling of school bus accident

TACOMA, Wash. -- The mother of a Tacoma eighth grader says her daughter should have received medical treatment on scene after a Tuesday school bus crash.

Police and authorities didn't think anyone was injured in the minor collision, so they didn't call for paramedics.

The school district will not release video from aboard the school bus for privacy reasons, but witnesses say the crash did not appear severe, and there was no indication that kids fell to the floor or hit their heads.

But one mom said medics should have been called to the scene, and she believes her daughter was injured in the collision.

"They didn't help me when it happened. When the accident happened, they didn't ask me if I was hurt," said 14-year-old Savonna Fields, who was inside the bus.

Paperwork shows that Savonna was treated by a doctor later that day and was diagnosed with a mild concussion and neck and back sprains.

Officials from the company that operates the school bus say they didn't believe any of the students were hurt. Both the police and the bus supervisor asked kids if they were injured, and none came forward.

Savonna's mother, Angelika Crawford, said that's not good enough.

"I don't care. They're children. Children, at times, they get nervous, they get scared. As an adult you are responsible for other people's children. That is what you're paid to do. They should have brought an ambulance. They should have had them checked out. I don't care if they said no at the time," she said.

The school bus company, Durham, carries 2 million students per day in 34 states. Company officials say they'll investigate the incident.