Tacoma middle school student victim of hit and run

TACOMA, Wash. -- Eka Taumaletia just wanted to get to school.

"There's so many cars," he said, walking gingerly along Portland Avenue East in Tacoma.

His morning didn't go as planned. Shortly before 8 a.m., the seventh grader at First Creek Middle School tried to cross the street to get to class. He hit the button to fire up the crosswalk lights on each side of Portland Avenue.

"All the cars stopped except for one car," he said.

That car -- a black two door -- hit him. Taumaletia was tossed a few feet to the ground, scrapping his elbow and back.

"When he hit me, he didn't stop. He just kept on going. He didn't care," he said.

The school district and police tell the family the man had his own child in the back seat.

"No parent wants to have their child dragged around the street," said Taumaletia's mother, Naomi.

She contacted the Problem Solvers to bring attention to the problems with speeding along Portland Avenue. The posted limit is 35 miles per hour, but KOMO-TV cameras found multiple cars clearly exceeding that limit.

Naomi is just relieved her son made it through.

"I'm pretty much sure that someone is watching over my son," she said.

She hopes someone will come forward to reveal more about the driver who hit her son and sped off. She also hopes the district and city can do more to add safety to the busy four-lane street.