Tacoma man wracked with guilt after his roommate is murdered

TACOMA, Wash. -- A witness to murder wants to set the record straight about what led up to a {A href=""}shooting rampage in his Tacoma neighborhood.

Seeing his good friend and roommate gunned down in cold blood was hard enough on William Abra. He doesn't want to be blamed for provoking the gunman as well.

"There was no confrontation with Mr. Dillon beforehand. There was no provoking, there was nothing," Abra said.

Tacoma police say last Thursday Michael Dillon went on a shooting rampage in his neighborhood, killing Frank Rossiter Jr, who friends knew as Duke.

Abra watched it all unfold.

"He would have killed me, he would have killed Duke, and he would have killed anybody else he saw out in the open," he said.

When the shooting started, Abra ran for his life, waiting for bullets to cut him down. Then he called to warn his friends.

"This is where I told Duke, 'Duke, he has a gun,'" Abra said.

Duke didn't escape. Police say Dillon shot him dead in the backyard, then drove to Gig Harbor and killed himself.

Abra now feels guilty that he survived and his friend didn't, but he doesn't want anyone to think he is responsible for instigating the deadly rampage.

"Duke has made more of an impact on the community and people than I ever thought about being, and I have to live with every day why it wasn't me and why it was Duke," an emotional Abra said.

A funeral service for Rossiter is set for Wednesday.